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For All Animal Lovers

Our products to be introduced here is a method to give comfort to animals and cleanse their skin without irritation.

In Japan, numerous veterinary hospitals and pet grooming salons use our products.
Everyday hundreds of dogs and cats cleanse their bodies and receive comfort.
Our product has been in the market for 10 years. This cleansing method is a combination of a microbubble system which generates a large amount of fine air bubbles with size of approximately 20, and our Japanese traditional bath salt mixed with enzyme to dissolve in hot water.

Our product has no surfactants like regular shampoo and soap. No need to scrub. With just fine microbubbles and the enzyme, a dramatic change occurs in the dogs suffering from skin problems. Some pictures were provided by the Japanese veterinarians. Changes can be seen in a short period of time. Body odor will be reduced dramatically and licking and scratching will go away immediately. Many owners are surprised to notice changes in their dogs.

This technology is recognized as patents in Japan, North America and EU. This unprecedented new cleansing technology is not a medical device, but rather a simple cleansing system to clean the skin without scrubbing. However, this technology can help many animals suffering from skin troubles and provide relief to the distressed pet owners. Our hope is to relieve the suffering animals from skin troubles as we have been dedicated to doing so in Japan.

If youfre interested in our business to give a helping hand to the suffering animals from skin troubles, please contact us.

For Everyone Involved in Animal Medical Care

This new cleansing technology was developed and put to practical use in Japan.

These pictures here have been sent along with a letter of gratitude from the pet grooming salons and owners who introduced our system in North America. If you are interested in this new cleaning method, please feel free to contact us. This product has been produced in the United States.

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